The list below are all the dances that I have taught, am teaching currently, or will be teaching in the near future!  The list is a mix of Beginning to Advanced level dances and is in the order in which I taught them when I started teaching my Linedancercise classes back in 2002! This list will always be growing as my classes continue and I choose new dances to teach :)  How do I decide what dances to teach?  I take in consideration the following:  Music (I like a VARIETY), Dance Rhythm (Hustle, Night Club, Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Swing, etc.), Complexity (Easy enough to teach to keep the class aerobic), Seasonal (I like to use music that goes with a particular Holiday or season), and Popularity (Is "everyone" doing this dance?).  I also take requests!

Each “packet” (Packet name is under the column "Mix #") contains complete step sheets and music.  This is great to have to help with practicing!  On the far right column under "VIDEO" are video links of the dance if available!

Dances That Carrie Teaches............

Instructor: Carrie McNeish

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